MM Aqua

MM AQUA TECHNOLOGIES LTD. is a manufacturer of PVC Fill Media, Drift Eliminator, PVC Profiles, Nozzles , Fixed fill media, Tube Settler and Diffusers for water & wastewater treatment , effeluent treatment, Gas Cleanning , Cooling Tower for an extremely diverse range of applications.

Who they are

Their story began in 1989, when they were established as Munters India Ltd, in Technical and Financila collaboration with Munters Euroform GmbH, West Germany. Munters Euroform is a wholly owned subsidiary of AB Carl Munters, Sweden , the Swedish innovating company started by the technical genius, Carl Munters.
On july7 1997, they took a big step forward… and established their independence as MM Aqua Technologies Ltd. The change name notwithstanding, the long standing tradition of high technical proficiency and customer satisfaction continues to be in focus. The MM Aqua factory is an imposing 2700 square meter , state-of-the-art factory on a well-landscaped, seven acre stretch of land in Gurgoan, Haryana .

What they do

MM Aqua Technologies Ltd. provides practical, cost effective and environmentally sound solutions to customer problems for Wastewater Treatment, Gas Cleaning and Cooling Tower applications.
Product range has widened to include:
• PVC structured fill media for wastewater treatment plants .
• PVC tube settlers for solid li~uid separation in water and wastewater treatment plants .
• Nozzles for Bio Towers
• Nozzles for Cooling Towers
• PVC splash bar and film fill media for cooling towers for achieving high thermal efficiency
• pVC Drift Eliminators
• PVC droplet separator for liquid air separation
• Stainless steel droplet separators for liquid gas separation for process applications

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