Y-strainers are used to remove solids from liquid, gas, or steam applications in small volumes. Y-strainers can be fitted with a blow off connection on the cover, to permit cleaning the screen without removing the cover. Y-strainers are offered in 150# to 1500# class. These strainers are designed for improved with trouble free service. These are easy to install and prevents the introduction of foreign matter in the pipelines. This saves the reoccurring expenditure in costly repairs and replacements. We also provide customization facility to our clients at competitive prices.


The “Tee” strainers are suitable for either horizontal or vertical (downward flow) piping. Free straining area is minimum 6 times pipe CS area. Standard elements are 40 mesh stainless steel welded. Stiffeners made of rods form the skeleton of the filter elements. The mesh is spot welded with the stiffeners for maximum strength. Different size perforations and meshes are available in Stainless steel, , and brass to meet specific media requirements. Other materials of construction for filters can be provided on request. This pressure drop chart is based on the flow of clean water through 6 mesh (approx 1/8” hole size) perforations.


Basket Type Strainer shaped like a basket and usually installed in a vertical cylinder. This Strainer is very easy to clean, since foreign particle is captured in the basket after change over the valve without getting plant shut-down. It can also sometimes offer more straining surface area than a plate strainer, improving flow rates, or decreasing pressure loss through the strainer. Basket Type Filter elements are generally used from stainless steel (S.S. 304/316/304L/316L) for corrosion resistance & long life performance

FABRICATED Duplex Strainers

These strainers can be fabricated to any specifications. Carbon steel and stainless steel bodies are available Flanged off line connections are std. . However inline strainers can be supplied on request. Covers are similar to simplex basket strainers these strainers have been designed to answer the specific need for continuous operation. Duplex arrangement ensures that when one strainer chokes the flow gets diverted through another strainer and the choked strainer can be cleaned and ready for use when the next strainer chokes. Free straining area is minimum 6 times pipe CS area.

FABRICATED Conical Strainers

We at Nisan Scientific Process pvt Ltd manufactures, exporter and supplier of excellent quality Temporary Strainers or Conical Strainers (Inline Strainer/Inline Filter), Conical Filter Strainers and Steel Conical Strainers, which are mounted between two flanges (Wafer Type) as permanent protection of pipelines and plants. We do manufacturing Conical Strainers in fully welded design. They are made from perforated plate or perforated plate with fabric filter medium related to the filter rate. These Temporary Strainers are often applied when a new plant is put into operation or by repairs of existing plants.

Self Cleaning Strainers

Self Cleaning Strainers, dramatically reduce product loss, require minimal operator intervention and improve flow consistency. The fully automatic features the fastest cleaning action of the mechanically cleaned family. The semi automatic operates at a consistently low differencial pressure and delivers simple, reliable operation in which a low initial investment is a key driving gactor.

Fabricated suction diffuser

Suction Diffuser incorporates numerous features into one device that simplifies installations and reduces installation costs. It is a flow strainghtening device that provides maximum flow efficiency at the suction inlet of the pump while at the same time reducing space and fitting requirements and eliminating the need for an equivalent length of ten pipe diameters of straight run on the suction side of the pump. it is an elbow (and in some cases a reducing elbow) with a built in strainer that is easily maintained and will provide years of trouble free system performance.

Reflex Level Gauges

With flat Reflex Glass for showing level of colourless liquids, Reflex Gauges use prism glass to provide an excellent indication of the liquid level. All liquids appear black in high contrast to the mirror like surface above. This clean line of separation can be sighted from many meters away. A reflex glass is clamped within the gauge body and seals the front opening of the liquid or vapour space.

Transperant Level Gauges

Transparent Level Gauge employs two transparent glasses and a liquid chamber. The liquid level is indicated as a result of difference in the transparent properties of the two media. For water / steam applications, an illuminator is mounted on the rear side of the gauge with its light rays deflected upward into the water column. This enables the observer to see the illuminated surface of the water as the light rays impinge on the surface of separation between water and steam are reflected back to the eye of the observer.

tabular type

With round tabular Glass Suitable for low pressure System

For flow pressure : Upto 10 bar and upto 60℃.
For Non-hazordous, non sticky fluids
C/C distance : Upto 1500mm in single glass tube.

horizontal Mounted Level Switch

The NISAN MLSH10 is a single-pole, double-throw electric switch capable of sensing the liquid level inside a process vessel. The unit is typically mounted via the integral 2-1/2” MNPT connection. Several standard adapters are available for use when a 2-1/2” FNPT is not available on the vessel. The MLSH10 requires no preventative maintenance as it is totally sealed. The MLSH10 provides either a normally open or normally closed dry contact to activate external devices such as alarms or solenoids. Variations in process fluid specific gravity have minimal effect on the level measured because of the small size of the integral float.

Top Mounted electric float Level Switch

Design Features
Up To Six SPDT Switches per Unit (NO & NC Contacts)
Interface & Total Level Capability
Total Level Capability
Trip Point Adjustable Without Removing Vessel from Service
316L Stainless Steel Wetted Parts Standard
Field Adjustable and Replaceable Switches
316/316L Standard
Terminal Block(s) Included