Advanced membranes is the business of Pentair. They help equipment manufacturers, engineering and construction contractors to exceed expectations with membranes that make the difference, even in the most challenging tasks and conditions. Focused on practical and economical progress, they develop filtration technology with the lowest total cost of ownership and the highest efficiency.

Who they are

X-Flow is the international membrane brand of Pentair, the global water, fluid, thermal management, and equipment protection partner. Pentair addresses some of the world’s most pressing problems related to food, water and energy with innovative filtration products, services and technologies.

What they do

With X-Flow, Pentair delivers membrane technology to OEM’s, partners and contractors through a worldwide distribution network. The X-Flow Membrane+ Approach helps their clients in solving any specific project-related problems, often before they even occur. Their engineers are committed to provide all the practical support required in every project phase from conceptual design to start-up and beyond: our services include maintenance support and tailor-made training sessions to enable organizations to continuously improve operations and reduce operational costs.

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