Critical Application Pump (API & Boiler Feed)

Process pumps

Barrel pumps: BB5

Range of application
Water injections
Gas washer
Offshore engineering
Oil and gas industry
Feed-water pumps

Vertical Pumps: VS1, VS4, VS6

Range of application
Crude oil
Offshore engineering
For water injection
As booster pumps and forwarding pumps
For pumping condensate
For liquefied gas

ATEX Pumps

Single-stage and multistage pumps of vertical design have been checked by the respective Authority and certified. The pumps are equipped with specific safety equipment which prevents spreading of an explosion or detonation in the tank.

Standard Pumps

Single-stage Pumps

Range of application
According to chemical standard ISO 2858
Organic and non-organic chemistry, e.g. plastics, paints, soaps, fertilizers, oil production and oil refinement
Process technology, e.g. power generation, waste disposal, flue gas desulfurization, environmental technology
Paper production, pharmacy, biotechnology

Multistage high-pressure pumps-63 bar

Range of application
Water supply systems
Booster stations
Power plants
Heating systems
Recirculation and condensate systems
Irrigation plants
Tank farms

Self-priming side-channel pumps

Range of application
Liquefied gas
Power-plant engineering
Pumping of clean and turbid liquids without abrasive matter
Chemical and petrochemical industry
General process engineering
Mechanical engineering and apparatus construction

Propeller pumps

Range of application
Water supply and waste water disposal
Sugar industry
Concentration plants
Chemical and petrochemical plants